Daisy Beauty

We are very proud to be the winner of Daisy Beauty Awards 2016 in the category "Best lip product of the year".


Hands up for the German magazine Myself for including Verso Hand Serum in their latest issue, where the new hand cream starts with super active ingredients are featured. Thank you for the applause!

Harper´s Bazaar

It´s time to give skin a little love. Linda Wells, Allure´s founding editor, shows what´s up in the land of cleansers, masks, serums and hydrators. We´re happy to find Verso Reviving Eye Mask featured in the "Skin in the game" story in the big fashion issue of Harper´s Bazaar, US


In the January issue of Vogue Magazine Germany we´re happy to find Verso Lip Serum with anti aging benefits featured. If you´re visiting or living in Germany you will find Verso Skincare at Ludwig Beck, among other retailers. Located on Marienplatz in the centre of Munich, Ludwig Beck is known as the shopping paradise that satisfies the heart’s desires of local residents, visitors from the region and from all over the world.


Going to the alps over the New Year? The Swedish magazine Styleby has the ultimate packing list for essentials to bring on the trip. We´re happy to find Verso Day Cream with Retinol 8 and SPF 15 included.


In the December issue of the Swedish edition of ELLE, beauty editor Emma Unckel reveals her Xmas beauty favorites. We´re happy to find Verso Lip Serum on the list, a serum to be used morning and/or night on and around lips. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and prevents the lipstick to bleed. As a result of using Retinol 8 any discoloration may decrease. The serum will keep the lips soft, hydrated and moisturized.


This month the top beauty magazine Daisy Beauty is featuring a story about the Swedish actress Rachel Molin who has a great interest in beauty products and perfumes. We´re happy to find Verso Super Facial Serum as one of her beauty favorites.


Swedish music and design have been shining stars around the world for decades. Now it is time for the beauty brands. In the story "Made in Sweden" the magazine Femina writes about the phenomenon and features the brands that are shining brightly. We are happy to find Verso included.


Verso, magic of reverse. We´re happy to find the Verso Super Facial Oil together with the Intense Facial Mask and Reviving Eye Mask in the latest edition of TAO Magazine, Hong Kong

Hurray, the summer holiday season is coming up and it´s time to pack your bags. Women´s Health is featuring Verso Travel Series for their "what to bring on your trip", Germany

The Stockholm Magazine is featuring Verso Skincare in a grooming special; how to find the right products in the beauty jungle, Sweden


We get spring fever when we hear that Verso Reviving Eye Mask is addictive, at least the beauty editor at ELLE thinks so, Sweden


In the latest edition of Femina the new Verso Intense Facial Mask is featured as the beauty editor´s choice. We´re appy to hear it´s easy to use and has "that little extra", Sweden

Magasin du Nord

We´re happy to hear that the personal beauty shopper at Magasin du Nord chooses Verso Skincare, Denmark


Pride is listing beauty products that makes the winter a bit more bearable. We´re happy to find Verso Super Eye Serum as one of them, UK


Just as irresistible as chocolate! Verso Day Cream is featured in the Austrian magazine Vangardist

We´re happy to find this article about Scandinavian Beauty Brands in the Frankfurter Allgemeiner Sonntagszeitung. Lars Fredriksson, founder of Verso Skincare, is quoted and the Verso Foaming Cleanser is nicely featured, Germany

Damernas Värld

Verso Reviving Eye Mask, the newest product in the Verso Skincare series, is listed as a favorite in this months edition of Damernas Värld, Sweden


In the latest issue of ELLE we get to know how the PR pro Filippa Lindén is blending her beauty cocktail, Sweden

Town & Country

Reading about the unforeseen and unexpected benefits of face masks in the latest edition of Town & Country where the Verso Facial Masks are featured, US