Verso Enzyme Peel
Verso Enzyme Peel
Verso Enzyme Peel
Verso Enzyme Peel
Verso Enzyme Peel

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Verso Enzyme Peel

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Verso Enzyme Peel with Alpha and Poly Hydroxy Acids is a gently exfoliating gel for a rejuvenated complexion.

Key Ingredients

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Verso Enzyme Peel with Alpha and Poly Hydroxy Acids is a gently exfoliating gel for a rejuvenated complexion. It removes dead skin cells, unblocks pores and accelerates cell renewal, leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

How It Works

Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Poly Hydroxy Acid are natural organic acids that contribute to accelerating the cell cycle and increasing the production of collagen. Formulated with a proprietary mix of high-quality AHA and PHA, Verso Enzyme Peel is able to gently exfoliate the outer layer of the skin while speeding up the skin’s ability to postpone build-up of dead skin. The result is smoother, brighter and more radiant skin with significantly reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Key Ingredients

In addition to Alpha Hydroxy and Poly Hydroxy Acid, Verso Enzyme Peel includes Pomegranate enzymes. With its antioxidant, skin renewing, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, Pomegranate increases the efficiency of this formulation.

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Key Ingredients

How To Use

Apply the peel on cleansed skin. Gently spread over your face, wait 1-3 minutes and wash it off without rubbing. Verso Enzyme Peel can be used 1-3 times per week. Avoid eye contact. If redness or irritation develops, discontinue use. Use sun protection in case of sun exposure.

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Questions & Answers
What is an enzyme peel and what does it do?

Verso Enzyme Peel is an exfoliating gel with alpha and poly hydroxy acids. It gently peels the skin and accelerates cell turnover to make the skin smoother and brighter.

Why is it a good idea to include Verso Enzyme Peel in my daily skincare routine?

Over time, due to unprotected sun exposure and age, the skin's ability to postpone the build-up of dead skin slows down. By adding an alpha hydroxy acid (aha) and/or a polyhydroxy acid (PHA) in an exfoliation/peeling in your skincare routine, the skin will accelerate the cell cycle and increase collagen production. The result is significantly reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Can I combine Verso with any other product I use in my skincare routine?

Yes, Verso is created to provide a baseline for every skincare routine. All our products can be combined with each other as well as with products from other brands.

What's the best way to store Verso Enzyme Peel?

In room temperature.

Do you have any other advises on how I can improve my skin quality?

We believe that it’s wise to look at the bigger picture and all parts of your life. A conscious approach to skincare is of course advisable. But your skin is absolutely best off when you can combine a conscious skincare routine with a healthy approach to other parts of life that may affect you skin health, such as work, food, alcohol, exercising, and sleep.

Exfoliating and rejuvenating

Exfoliation comes from the Latin exfolianto, meaning falling off in layers. By exfoliating the skin on a regular basis, new layers of fresh and smooth skin appears.

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