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Acne prone skin

• Oily skin • Frequent breakouts • Prone to inflammation • Redness • Sensitive skin • Enlarged pores Acne prone skin has a high production of sebum and appears oilier than normal. An excessive amount of sebum – the oil that keeps the skin’s moisture levels in shack – can lead to clogged pores, inflammation and make the skin more susceptible to blemishes, blackheads and acne breakouts. The skin can be sensitive to inflammations and appears shiny. Increased androgens hormones during puberty and heredity are prime culprits of acne. But the lack of sleep, diet and stress can also play a part. Poor lifestyle choices will increase the levels of cortisol to break down the skin’s collagen, making the skin more vulnerable to breakouts. Treating acne prone skin can be difficult, but there are effective ways to keep it under control. Firstly, identify what type of acne you are experiencing. Whether it is inflammatory or non-inflammatory acne – or both - choose skin care products that effectively balance excess sebum without disrupting the natural protective barrier, keeping the skin moisturized. Use spot treatment to prevent future breakouts. Pick a lightweight serum and moisturizer to restore hydration and nourish the weakened skin barrier, without clogging the pores. Look out for these acne fighting ingredients - Salicylic Acid, Retinol 8, Niacinamide. They exfoliate dead skin cells, regulates the skin’s sebum production and has antiinflammatory properties.