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Verso Skincare

Face mask

Face masks are the perfect complement to your daily skincare regime. They can easily be tailored based on individual skincare needs and concerns. A fabric mask soaked in rejuvenating, powerful and concentrated ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin and deliver instant results – leaving a lasting effect. The face shaped sheet masks effectively creates a barrier for the serum not to evaporate. Give your skin a pre-mask peel with a deep cleansing Enzyme Peel, to make the skin extra receptive for hydration. Apply the face mask directly on well cleansed and dry skin. Open the package and remove the thin protective film. Let the mask fully absorb and then follow up with Verso Day/Night Cream and Super Facial Serum to help seal the active ingredients for optimal result. Versos mask series N°8 features a face mask and an eye mask and are perfect to use once or twice a week. Our sheet masks are saturated with active ingredients to deliver deep and lasting facial hydration, rejuvenate and keep your skin properly moisturized. Store your face masks in room temperature for best result and durability.