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Face moisturizer

A good moisturizer is a must in every skincare routine. It is essential in order to protect the natural skin barrier, hydrate the skin and provide it with necessary lipids throughout the day and night. A face moisturizer should be hydrating and protecting to keep your skin healthy and beautiful at all times. The skin is daily exposed to damaging free radicals and UV-rays. To meet these challenges, the skin needs a face cream that specifically protects and strengthens the barrier throughout the day. Overnight, the skin is in regeneration mood and in need of a night cream to calm and repair the skin from the daily aggressions and stress of the day. Choose a face cream based on your needs and skin type. A dry skin needs a rich moisturizer while an oily skin should consider a lighter cream that balances the sebum production. A moisturizer is usually the last step in the skin care regime, applied after other active ingredients to create a barrier on top of the skin. For best result, combine your face moisturizer with a serum and eye cream.