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Facial Oil

Facial oils are lightweight and packed with essential nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins to achieve soft and moisturized skin. They protect the skin and act as a barrier of the outer layer, and effectively prevent the negative effects of free radicals. Oils are remarkable when seasonal cold or dry air disturbs the skin and can strip off its moisture. As an emollient they can support the skin to retain water content and seal in hydration, turning a dry flaky winter skin into a dewy, moisturized one. But a face oil is suitable for all skin types, no matter the season. Even those prone to acne can incorporate a face oil into their skin care regime. By restoring essential fatty acids and hydration they can help balance an oily skin, without leaving a greasy residue behind. See the facial oil as a booster and complement in your skin regime and combine with serum and moisturizer. Apply the oil over, under or mix it with moisturizer.