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Hand care

Our hands need special care just like the face and body to keep them soft and supple. On a daily basis, they are exposed to harsh stresses such as cold temperatures, dry air, wind and sun - external factors that can cause the skin to dry out and give chapped skin with cracks and itchy cuticles. Even when we wash our hands or use rubbing alcohol, the skin can quickly lose its own ability to maintain its natural moisture balance. The hands are one of the first areas to reveal signs of aging, but with the right hand care and rejuvenating treatments the skin can retain its youthfulness and minimize and delay these signs. Choose a deep-acting and caring hand serum with effective ingredients that stimulate cell renewal in the skin while protecting and moisturizing. Protect your hands from the sun with sunscreen. Verso's category N ° 10, you will find hand care and products specifically adapted to improve the aesthetics of the hands and give them proper care and effective protection.