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Hydrate Your Skin

    14 · 06 · 2022

A well-hydrated skin is essential for healthy-looking and smooth skin. To properly moisturize your skin is an important part of maintaining and supporting the skin’s natural protection. Over the long term, well-formulated products can improve your skin's natural functions and work against unnecessary dryness. Verso products help to provide instant, long-lasting hydration that leaves the skin balanced, soft, and smooth looking with increased resistance to environmental stressors.


As we are aging, the skin’s own natural hydration starts to decrease. This process is not only affected by our age but also by other factors in our lives such as stress and diet, external stressors such as heat, cold, and sun exposure. When our natural hydration starts to decrease, it is important to add moisture to the skin in order to maintain a good condition for the skin to both function optimally and feel good. A solid, basic skincare routine should always primarily focus on hydration to strengthen the skin’s natural protection and for the skin to look smooth. The result includes increased resilience and a natural glow.

It can be beneficial to use moisturizing ingredients that provide both direct and long-lasting hydration, but it can also be good to use ingredients that work against unnecessary dryness while strengthening the skin's natural protection.


So, there are many factors that affect our skin's moisture levels. But at the same time, there are multiple things we can do to give our skin good conditions to work against unnecessary dryness and to get closer to the desired result of our daily skincare routine.

Below are a few recommendations of things you can do to protect your skin’s moisture level.

We have listed some functional and smart ingredients and products that will help to optimize the skin’s moisture level as well.

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Customize the skincare routine to the needs of the skin. This is something that can change throughout the year but also as we age.

Try to avoid too hot water or too much water when washing your skin. Very hot water can easily cause the skin to lose its own moisture. An excessive amount of water can also have a drying effect on the skin.

Apply a serum and cream for optimal and in-depth hydration. Layer upon layer, just as the skin is structured.

Adapt your daily environment to your skin's needs. A working environment in dry air can easily increase dryness. A tip might be to invest in a humidifier.

Do not use products that are too powerful for your skin for an extended period of time, this can easily lead to increased dryness and visible irritation.

Use sunscreen during the day to preserve both the skin's own functions and the results you have achieved with your moisturizing products and those that help to increase the skin's natural protection.




Niacinamide is a stable water-soluble with a low molecular weight. Vitamin B3 helps to promote the retention of moisture to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, spider veins, hyperpigmentation, and red blotchiness. It is topically used in cosmetics to promote the appearance of even skin tone, diminish oily complexion, and has been shown to have strengthening properties improving natural skin protection.

Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract

Yeast extract optimizes the level of hyaluronic acid in the skin, strengthening the skin to increase its resistance to environmental stressors. The overall result is a smooth and supple skin.


Squalane and Squalene are skin identical as both ingredients are natural compounds in the human sebum. Plant-derived ingredients that are sourced from olive oil. Promotes moisturized and healthy-looking skin.

Saccharide Isomerate

Saccharide Isomerate is a plant-derived extract with powerful hydrating properties. Improves natural skin protection reducing the appearance of dehydration and sensitivity. Ceramides promote natural skin protection and long-term moisturization, helping the skin to stay hydrated and smooth.


Oat is known in skincare for its versatility. The secret skincare benefits found in oat are its variety of skin identical lipids and fatty acids, as well as its profile of very powerful antioxidants. It has visibly calming properties and is highly efficient when it comes to absorbing and removing dirt and impurities, cleansing the pores, hydrating, and softening the skin. Oat improves natural skin protection making the skin more resistant to environmental stressors. Verso uses several types of oats as key ingredients: Avena Sativa Kernel Oil, Avena Sativa Kernel Flour, Fermented Avena Sativa Kernel Extract.