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NEAR 1 - The Birth of A Molecule

    15 · 09 · 2022

NEAR 1, our very own patented molecule, is so much more than just an ingredient. It harnesses the essence of our philosophy – a science-first mindset – and our core ambition to offer skincare with real impact.

From the vision of creating something with the best formulations, the best formula, and the best efficacy to ultimately having our own patented molecule.

Allow us to take you back to how it all started.


It all began back in 2014. We had a very clear view of what we wanted to achieve but little did we know, the road ahead would be a bumpy one. 

Making a new molecule is, of course, never easy. It requires equal parts of vision, passion, stamina, persistence, and partnership. It took almost eight years for all the pieces to fit the puzzle in the case of developing NEAR 1.

As each year on this journey brought both joy and challenges, the overarching obstacle was to find a winning solution to stabilize Vitamin A with Vitamin B3. Another non-negotiable for the soon-to-be new molecule was for it to be gentle on the skin; it had to cause little to no irritation. Any failure to do so would put an abrupt end to our vision.


Molecules form the basis of chemistry, and the objective with the NEAR 1 molecule was to create an effective and stable form of Vitamin A that would cause little to no irritation. By adding Niacinamide, together with a unique link, we managed to stabilize and further enhance the effects of Vitamin A.

“Making new molecules is not easy and developing NEAR 1 in particular was difficult because it is made of two portions of molecules with two different activities.” - Dr. Graziano, Chemelectiva Labaratory, Milan


At Verso, we are all about leveraging smart ingredients. In practice, that's done by composing our products carefully to make sure they provide optimal visible results on the skin. For example, in order to make a cream or a serum, the final product needs to include more than just a couple of functional ingredients. Nevertheless, we always strive to use as few, high-quality ingredients as possible without compromising your experience.

NEAR 1 is the epitome of a smart ingredient and a natural addition to Verso's pioneering products formulated with Retinol 8.

”NEAR 1 is a testament to Verso’s science-first approach and introduces a new standard of simplicity and efficiency in skincare.” - Lars Fredriksson, CEO, Verso Skincare


As the work to make a new molecule had come a long way, two main hurdles remained; stabilizing the molecule and making it soluble. That sent our CEO, Lars Fredriksson, on a quest to find a scientific partner that could help merge the molecules that would later NEAR 1. As the old saying goes, all roads lead to Rome, though Milan is more accurate in this case.

“Luckily, I found Dr. Graziano, who could actually build the molecule I envisioned from scratch.”  - Lars Fredriksson, CEO, Verso Skincare

Outside of Milan lies Chemelectiva, a well-renowned lab involved in developing molecules for the pharmaceutical field but also the cosmetic industry. Lars identified Dr. Graziano, whom leads Chemelectiva, as the perfect engineering partner.

A new scientific bond was formed stabilizing Vitamin A with Vitamin B3, and one of the most significant steps towards realizing NEAR 1 was taken.


On the not-so-distant horizon, we could see the finish line. We were closing in on telling the world about our new scientific insights and about Verso Super Elixir, powered by our new molecule NEAR 1. But before crossing the final line, we followed our modus operandi and conducted an efficacy study.

The study included women between the ages of 45-65 years old with sensitive/normal skin types. The product was applied morning and evening after gentle cleansing. Sun protection was used during the daytime. A 12-week analysis, self-assessment questionnaires, photographs, analysis with VISIA system (skin scan), and a clinical assessment by a dermatologist were executed.

The self-assessment questionnaire stated that 90% of the respondents had noticed that their skin was visibly brighter, 78% had noticed a visible improvement of uneven skin tone, and 89% felt a soothing effect on their skin.

It was time to take the final step and tell the world about NEAR 1 and Verso Super Elixir.

Our new molecule was born.



The first product powered by NEAR 1 is Verso Super Elixir. It is a brightening facial oil for a radiant complexion, and like all our other products Super Elixir is a testament to Verso’s science-first mindset.