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Verso Journal

The Sound Of Verso

    18 · 08 · 2023

Every brand has a story, and every story has an origin, an essence. Ours is about a never-ending passion for progressing skincare through science, energized by curiosity, and evolving through innovation.


However small, the Verso brand has traveled the globe over the past decade. Much like the butterfly effect, our philosophy, and products have impacted the skincare world. It’s been a non-linear journey, but always firmly rooted in science and passionately about everyday simplicity and quality of life. 


In essence, we aim to be a sensory brand, hoping to immerse you through high-quality ingredients, smoothing and soothing skin sensations, quality package design, and skin-loving textures - not to mention visible results. To name a few of our ambitions.  

Our senses represent the links connecting us with the world and humans around us. They help deepen the bond with brands, objects, and things we care about. For Verso, vision, touch, and scent are senses intertwined with the brand, our products, and philosophy. To celebrate our milestone as Vitamin A pioneers since 2013 and start the next chapter, we set out on a quest to peel off the layers and get closer to the brand’s core, exploring the sounds of Verso and linking it back through Verso visualized sound waves.

In a special celebration to mark this occasion, we have launched ‘The Sound of Verso’ project. Together with the young Netherlands-based design student Alva Fredriksson, we have developed a visual concept that identifies and reflects our brand journey. 

Verso Founder Lars Fredriksson on ‘Sound of Verso’: Proud and beyond how Alva, who has in many ways been part of our journey, interpreted Verso and added an additional sense to the brand. This visual concept captures and reflects our brand’s evolution, representing our unique identity and the emotions we evoke.


We asked Lars to tell us about the project’s background: Throughout the years, we have received valuable feedback about the visual appeal of Verso’s strong Scandinavian design and the tactile experience our products offer. Our scientific approach and formulations have been praised and awarded for their efficacy and how they make your skin feel. We even went a step further by creating an enlarged sculpture of our patented molecule NEAR 1, making its structure visible to the eye.


Retinol 8 Super Serums



There are a few overarching words associated with our brand; ”Verso”, ”Vitamin A”, “Quality of Life”, “Science-based”, ”Retinol 8” and ”NEAR 1”. We recorded these words and received sound waves representing the core of the brand identity.  

While we know what Verso looks like, we are yet to know how it sounds. We were curious to explore whether something static and visual like a brand can also have sound and what that Verso sound might tell us, says Alva Fredriksson, Designer. 




From there, we moved on in the creative process and started to play with colors to add to the concept, inspired by Verso imagery stock.  

Alva again: The features of using aquarelle colors illustrate the blending of sounds - that a sound is never only one but combined by different layers. Some parts take a stronger role, and some are in the background. We have the ability to associate colors with feelings and sounds. In this case, the colors that are being used to illustrate the layers of ”Verso” are based on just that. The pink as the soft, constant flow. The green as the restorative energy of life. And the purple as the solid, binding structure.

The third and final step meant merging all sound waves, placing them on top of each other, and shaping the visual effect of the Verso ID/DNA.

Alva Fredriksson, Designer

The features of using aquarelle colors illustrate the blending of sounds - that a sound is never only one but combined by different layers.

Listening is something we might think of as an automatic skill. However, it is something we learn to improve and apply every day. A lot of the time, we listen to selectively chosen things such as parts of a conversation or a favorite song. These chosen sounds are based on the memory database we start to catalog after we are born. This database serves as the framework of what is familiar to us and how we can navigate in the surrounding world - how we relate to protection, communication, and development. By creating the sound of Verso, we get a glimpse of the inner world of Verso. Maybe even a better understanding of what it is. Adds something to our sensory understanding. Communication is, after all, the foundation of listening. Alva Fredriksson

Lars Fredriksson concludes: The Sound of Verso go beyond the visual aspect. It deepens into the essence of our brand, exploring what Verso would sound like. We seek to discover the works and expressions that embody our brand’s values and give you a glimpse of who we truly are. This special project allows us to celebrate our unique identity with hero products and connect with our customers on a deeper level. We will continue our journey to innovate, inspire, and transform the world of skincare.