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Oily skin

• Shiny complexion • Make up slides off • Uneven skin tone • Blemishes and acne • Large pores Oily skin is caused by has an overproduction of sebum, often resulting in a shiny complexion with large congested, clogged pores and make up that wears off easily. This skin type is also prone to blemishes and breakouts, has less visible wrinkles, but rarely feels tight or dry. Oily skin is a very common skin type and for many it is simply due to genetics, stress, hormonal balance or an excessive use of incorrect (or too many) products. This skin type can be difficult to treat. In contrary to what people think, oily needs moisture to modify the loss of hydration. The use of products that are too drying will only trigger increased sebum production, causing the skin to become even oilier. Pick a skin care regime that combines hydration, deep cleansing and clarifying with anti-inflammatory and balancing properties. Look for products with Salicylic Acid, AHA- and PHA- acids to effectively remove dead skin cells and unclogged pores, and Retinol 8 - the oily skin hero that regulates the skin’s sebum production to clear breakouts and reduce enlarged pores.