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Sensitive Skin

• Redness • Stinging • Inflammation and irritation • Dry patches • Itchy • Reactive to triggers Sensitive skin is typically thinner and more fragile than others. This skin type is also more prone to visible red marks around the nose, cheeks or chin. This is what we call broken capillaries – tiny delicate blood vessels under your skin responsible for the circulation that cause visible red marks when they become damaged. Those with sensitive skin may also experience dryness and itchiness, which is due to the skin’s tendency to lose the more moisturizing elements- water and oil. Sensitive skin is more reactive and easily irritated than normal. Alcohol, stress, temperature changes and some skin care products can make the skin flush. It is important to treat this skin type with the right skincare to avoid irritation and redness. Introduce new skincare products one at a time. Patch testing behind the ear is an excellent way to minimize potential reactions on the face. Choose mild and soothing products with lightweight hydration and exfoliate gently once a week.