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Visibly Firming Body Oil


We are proud to present our latest addition to our body collection: Verso Visibly Firming Oil. An advanced fast-absorbing body oil that gently provides the skin with premium qualities of star ingredient NEAR 1; our patented technology combining Vitamin A and Niacinamide. It has a luxurious silky formula that helps moisturize and lock in hydration, leaving skin feeling supple, smooth, and noticeably refreshed. Results include a visibly even skin tone and texture with a new firmness and elasticity.


Vitamin A is often described as the golden standard of skincare due to its ability to help the skin look revitalized, renewed, and fresh. This hero ingredient can be found in facial serums and moisturizers. With Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil, we have developed a result-driven product to improve your body´s skincare experience. The beautiful blend of ingredients ensures skin-enhancing results while visibly soothing irritation or discomfort in the skin.

The unique formula is driven by our patented Vitamin A molecule, NEAR 1, and ingredients rich in antioxidants such as Avocado Oil, Turmeric, and Vitamin E. Combining functional ingredients and their antioxidant properties helps protect the skin from the visible effects of outdoor elements and creates a radiant, glowing complexion. 

Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil will smooth and soften the look of skin from the neck down, energized by the power of the formula. Upon application, it immediately hydrates and allows the skin to prevent the visible effects of premature aging while promoting the appearance of a new firmness and an even texture. 

Moisturizing properly, not just over your face, is key to obtaining visibly supple skin with a luminous glow. The innovative blend of carefully chosen ingredients provides a light, fast-absorbing formulation that softens dry, tight skin while improving its elasticity and quenching thirsty skin. Replenishing emollients and antioxidants, protecting against the visible effects of environmental stressors, brings an instant, revitalized glow you’ll love seeing and feeling. The result is long-lasting hydration, visible firmness, and a fresh, healthy-looking radiance.

Our high-quality body oil is vegan, non-comedogenic, and free from silicones. Its efficient formulation is silky, lightweight, and fast absorbing. Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil comes in a luxurious black glossy glass bottle with a convenient, user-friendly pump. 


Supercharged by four key ingredients, Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil is designed to promote the look of soft, smooth, and rejuvenated skin. It boosts moisturizing and visibly brightening capabilities.


The Verso NEAR 1 technology provides something unique to the product and our category N°10 HAND & BODY. The unique molecule combines Vitamin A and Niacinamide, where Niacinamide helps to further stabilize and enhance the benefits of Vitamin A. The result is a stable Vitamin A that can work effectively and gently on the skin – the first of its kind. NEAR 1 helps to maintain elasticity, giving skin a firmer look while evening out its tone and providing radiance with dewy freshness.

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil is extracted from avocado, which is highly rich in essential skin-replenishing fatty acids and antioxidants. These work on the skin’s surface to preserve moisture and prevent water loss that can lead to signs of dehydrated skin. Verso Body Oil is designed with avocado oil to visibly nourish, calm, and rejuvenate your skin while providing long-lasting hydration.

Sandalwood Seed Extract

Sandalwood Seed Extract is derived from the seeds of the Sandalwood tree. The tree grows in the mountain regions of South India, and the extract has many skin-enhancing qualities. It visibly firms, smoothes, and strengthens, effectively revitalizing the skin´s appearance while providing a tighter look. Additionally, the ingredient enhances the skin´s natural protection against environmental stressors.


Squalane is an oil-soluble found in the skin´s natural oil called sebum. Its properties make the formula easily absorbed and suitable for all skin types. Squalane has long-lasting moisturizing benefits and can help protect your skin's natural defense. Furthermore, it is an excellent carrier of the functional ingredients in the formulation, i.e., acting as a great catalyst to retain the benefits of the other ingredients. Squalane is known for its powerful humectant properties and the ability to restore suppleness to the skin.


This innovative and efficient formula can be used as often as needed, day or night. The silky, fast-absorbed body oil glides on effortlessly and does not leave a greasy residue. Apply on warm and damp skin directly after showering to enhance the effects of the Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil or massage into clean, dry skin as desired for a smooth, supple glow, neck to toe. Massage the product onto your skin by starting with your arms and legs and moving towards your heart to improve radiance in the skin. This will also help to boost circulation and stimulate blood flow.

For daytime use, we recommend following with high sun protection, preferably SPF 30 or 50. This is to maintain the results of your skincare routine and healthy-looking skin.

Skin Expert tip! The Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil is a perfect body product to use after staying in the sun due to its soothing and hydrating abilities.  


Visibly Firming Body Oil


What is Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil, and what results can I expect? 

It is a silky, luxurious body oil with a fast-absorbing formulation. This oil does not leave a greasy residue or clog pores (non-comedogenic). Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil enriches your body with an overall hydration boost that supports visibly nourished skin. This well-designed body oil is an all-over treatment that helps moisturize and lock in hydration, leaving skin feeling supple, smooth, and noticeably refreshed. Results include a more even skin tone and texture with a new firmness and elasticity.

Does this product include any sun protection? 

This product is not formulated with any sun protectants. Its main target is to visibly increase the appearance of firm, even, strengthened, and moisturized skin all over your body. It will offer some protection to your skin with the help of antioxidants, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Vitamin A, and Vitamin E; however, it doesn’t replace sunscreen. We recommend always following with sun protection on the parts of your skin exposed to the sun. This will help to keep your skin protected from the visible effects of sun damage and remain healthy-looking.

Can I use Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil on my children? 

Young children typically don’t need as much moisture and hydration as adults and should use products specifically developed for children. Small kids tend to have more sensitive and thinner skin than adults. The active ingredients in the formulation are not recommended for young children. Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil has a result-driven formulation suitable for adults, including those with sensitive skin. The well-designed formulation can be used by all skin types. 

Can I use the Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil on my face? 

As you typically have different body and face needs, we recommend using a specifically developed product for each.

Do you recommend that I use the Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil on visibly blemish-prone skin?

Yes, Verso Skincare uses no ingredients known to clog the skin. This body oil is developed to calm and restore the skin visibly and can be beneficial in maintaining skin balance and reducing the appearance of clogged pores and breakouts. The result is healthy-looking skin with long-lasting hydration and moisturization.

Where does the scent/perfume come from?  

The light scent is named White Tea Flower - a hypoallergenic and synthetic perfume to enhance the experience of refreshing well-being and wellness. White Tea Flower contains none of the 26 most common allergens.

Sandalwood extract gives no scent to the product and is not to be confused with sandalwood essential oil, which is sometimes used in fragrances. 

What is the color of the formula/oil?

The Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil has a light-yellow color.

What's the best way to store Verso Visibly Firming Body Oil?

At room temperature.

How can I further improve the quality of my skin?

We believe it's essential to look at the bigger picture- including all the different parts of your life. A conscious approach to skincare is, of course, advisable. However, combining a mindful skincare routine with a healthy lifestyle improves overall wellbeing and skin. It's important to remember that other parts of life, such as work, food, alcohol, exercise, and sleep, may affect your skin health.

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